About SA Designs

With more than 20 years of experience, of its professionals has glorified SA DESIGNS to the heights of success .The firm with its creative design and innovative ideas has set a land mark leaving footprint in the field of construction in Palakkad. The firm has talented architects and professionals who make a complete perfection of their work.

Our effort is a move to provide a trendsetter by using the basis of our design ,with a functional , aesthetic and sustainable architectural ideas. Thus an ecological conservational design of our projects. We assure in our projects , a good coordination with our clients to provide them their dreams.

Throughout the years SA DESIGNS has focused on planning a wide variety of projects from apartments, residences, villas, shopping complexes and hotels. Better living condition with the higher standards of quality is the prime aim of SA DESIGNS.

Ar.Siddiq Hussain the chief architect of SA DESIGNS, took his bachelor degree in Architecture from the College of engineering Trivandrum, Kerala. Later he took his practice as free lance Architect in his home town Palakkad in 1994.

His designs are adaptive and defined with unique concepts. He makes a complete and detailed study of his project, which brings distinctiveness in the quality of his projects.

There is always open interaction between him and the clients, which helps them to put forth their ideas and bring it as their dream design.

As an associate with Sathyadas, who is a prime builder, they launched the SA DESIGNS. Mr.Sathyadas started his career with the establishment of Sathyadas associates in 1992. His experience and constructional values, has made his firm one of the most leading constructional firm in Palakkad, set with quality and standard. His reputation as a honest, hard working and his leadership quality has made his firm a rewarding firm to work. His projects are stylishly distinctive which shows his aesthetic expressions.

The set of shared attitudes of SA DESIGNS comes from Ar.Siddiq Hussain and Sathyadas who have displayed design ideas true in its purpose.